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        Chinese steel inventories fell ten consecutive short week price rally

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        Near the end of the year, the domestic steel market seems frosty spring Zhaxian days of the year ushered in a rare rally. This rally began from December 15 last for days. 22, part of the steel price policy introduced in succession, resulting in large continue to increase offer. Lange Steel Network statistics show that a total of round billet prices rebounded 50 yuan / ton, wire rod, rebar, plate prices rebounded 50 -100 yuan / ton, hot and cold rolled coils rebound 150 yuan / ton. "On the one hand is the end of this wave of rising futures delivery Corner emotional impact, on the other hand is the stock market has been in circulation are low." China United Steel Net interface news editor Hu Ping told reporters that at present there are some varieties of steel shortage situation exists . Lange Steel cloud business platform monitoring data show that as of December 25, the country's 29 major cities the social stock of steel was 7.8846 million tons, reducing 56,200 tons last week and down 0.71% last week to accelerate the rate of decline slightly 0.08 percentage points. This is the steel stocks fell ten consecutive weeks. Among them, the most obvious gains in the fastest decline in the plate. The past two years, "winter storage" has long been diluted, in addition to steel mills agreement households, other steel trading business has been basically no longer have excess inventory, so the social stock of steel has been in a lower position. Round steel prices caused by the first sheet, but after experiencing a ten-day period of rising, each finished steel varieties began to differentiate. He led the first plate varieties continued strong, especially cold rolled coil, although previously the largest increase, it is still the strongest gains varieties. Building materials began to show weakness, after rising 23 sparse, 24, started the domestic building materials fell slightly. "Specific reasons for differentiation steel prices appear different or because changes in demand." 韩小琴 Lange steel analyst, said the current round of rising steel prices, the reason is led by the hot and cold rolled coil, the most fundamental reason is that the demand for support. In November this year, China's auto production and sales rose, sales of passenger car market was up 24%. Wang Jun Cai Zhuo record information analysts expect auto sales in December this year will be a continuation of the popular situation, sales increased or remained at around 15%. Meanwhile, the state also introduced a car tax cut marketing programs, especially for new energy vehicles, the introduction of a series of promotional measures, and the automotive industry for hot and cold rolled steel coil is an important demand side, it also contributed to the price rise . In addition, sheet metal products, building materials and products relative to itself less affected by seasonal and frequent downtime recent steel production, reducing the market supply from the supply, and therefore improve the supply and demand of hot and cold rolled coil. Materials breed is different. Han Xiaoqin said that although steel production to some extent also improved the relationship between market supply and demand, but also because the downstream market demand for seasonal factors have been severely affected, so despite the variety of building materials had also risen following the plate varieties, but whether it is the intensity or persistent, do not talk to the real needs of plate varieties compared. December 24, the domestic steel market basically stopped the rally, once again return to the down channel. My steel mesh analysis, the short-term or excessive inhibition of terminal procurement sentiment in shrinking turnover, the business and more to price change, in the case of too few resources to continue the market, short-term prices will be weak consolidation based . In fact, although this round of rebound in steel prices, steel trading business for the "winter storage" remains cautious, in the absence of intermediate demand, supported by major traders shipments not significantly improved. Beijing Dongfang Shuo collar trade Limited Business Manager Liu Song in an interview with Lange Steel Research Network, said the company is mainly for construction sites and other end-user delivery, the most recent shipments is not ideal, because the weather in northern areas affected by severe pollution and severe winter influence, site downtime is high, and late shipments may be even worse, since January after entering the northern region has begun to shut down most of the holiday site, therefore late steel prices rebound space will also be inhibited. From the supply perspective, the steel city does not have the basis for sustained rebound. At prices rebounded stimulation, some steel mills short-term maintenance or stew furnace equipment production complex signs. At the same time, the recent iron ore prices fell below $ 40, a small private steel enterprises steel billet, finished product can be achieved without loss of or slightly deficit levels, more to stimulate the enthusiasm of the resumption of production of steel enterprises. Lange Steel cloud business platform on December 24 surveyed national hundred small and medium steel enterprises, there are 39 enterprises in the blast furnace maintenance, there are a total of 74 blast furnaces for maintenance, less than last week the four blast furnaces, blast furnace maintenance volume to 54,380 cubic meters, less than last week of 4630 cubic meters, by volume, hundreds of small and medium steel enterprises operating rate was 81.94% blast, blast furnace operating rate increased by 1.83 percentage points over the same period last week. "Social continuous decline in inventories, plus steel price shock rebound, leading to the strong will of steel production complex, pressed steel upside." Lange Steel Network analysts believe Ge Xin, failed to improve the supply and demand, the steel situation remains grim. Which is expected next week (12.28-12.31) of the domestic steel market will shock consolidation, which longs market prices stable and slightly rising market prices stable and weaker sections, plate market prices will be stable and rose slightly, pipe market prices will stabilize the slight decline. However, the policy level is stepping up production to ease the steel industry overcapacity contradictions. 24th meeting of the National Industry and Information Technology Work Conference, to support ailing industries to speed up production, to inventory, lower costs, product upgrades, converting restructuring, turnaround; more measures to resolve the overcapacity simultaneously carry iron and steel, cement , plate glass and other industries to resolve the overcapacity pilot. Recently, steel frequently stop or reduce capacity to integrate news. Hu Ping told reporters interface news, recently, Xuzhou Chengri steel has been completely shut down, four Chuanda Steel Group also because the capital chain tension and cut. "Daily News" reported that the Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group, Chuanwei Group, and the Group of Desheng Steel Group, or "hold together" the establishment of a large steel group. December 22, with an annual capacity of 4 million tons of steel gifted Hangzhou Iron and Steel Mid-steel base has been officially "stalled." On the same day, Maanshan Iron & Steel also announced that the company Magang Hefei more than 3 400 m3 blast furnace and related equipment to shut down, to iron production capacity 1.2 million tons of steel production capacity of 1.36 million tons, rolled steel production capacity of 1.5 million tons, all employees involved received by the city government. The company had in December 2013 was exposed CCTV Financial Channel pollution incidents, and Hefei Environmental Protection Agency fined $ 50,000.

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