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        Improve the industrial chain of hardware industry establish a development path

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        May 9, 2015, the State Council officially released the first decade of China's implementation of the Programme of Action manufacturing power strategy - "Made in China 2025", although the plan is for the entire manufacturing sector, but the hardware industry as a traditional manufacturing elements, general state of the stage and the specific circumstances of the industry and planning mentioned in Chinese manufacturing is consistent, so planning for the hardware industry will also have practical significance and operability, but also to the hardware '10 thirty-five 'plan established goals. "China National Hardware Association Portland stone monk said recently," Next, we will be "Made in China 2025" as the guide, the hardware industry put forward new goals and direction to guide the industry to achieve hardware manufacturing power forward from hardware manufacturing power to . "

        Comprehensive upgrade

        Portland stone monk believes that both the hardware industry, traditional tools, locks, architectural hardware and other products, but also the emerging electric kitchen, bathroom and other products, the history of different stages of development and specific circumstances are different. "China 2025" in the implementation of both the overall planning, but also according to the characteristics of traditional and new products, different categories to guide and guidance. This requires industry organizations and enterprises in accordance with their respective functions, the work carried out at different levels. China National Hardware Association as an industry organization, according to the communication, education, influence the purpose of doing the "Made in China 2025" and the industry merged implementation, the role of a bridge ties.

        The first is the standard. Standardization is currently in a critical period of reform, the country is strengthening technical standard system, this standardization should seize the favorable opportunity of reform, the national standards related to the hardware industry, industry standards improved, the threshold established to enable them to meet the industry's mention We need to upgrade the quality and efficiency, and promote the industry's survival of the fittest, to enhance development. Second, there is the quality of the boot, the strength of enterprises to create their own brands, enhance the value and enhance the brand influence. The brand is behind the quality we have at the same time guide the brand, encouraging industry, enterprise standards as the yardstick, improve quality and reinforce the foundation. Third, to guide the industry to achieve industrialization and integration of information technology to enhance the level of innovation, enhance the capacity of industrial design in the "public entrepreneurship and innovation," the larger environment, the realization of the comprehensive strength of the industry forward.

        On the corporate level, they should according to product categories, the specific circumstances of their own development, implementation requires planning different categories. Prominent characteristics of the hardware industry development, 99% are private enterprises, especially after a Guotuiminjin advantage of state-owned enterprises did not work out, most companies are starting from scratch, has experienced the era of the free development of small workshops, not small enterprises are still very backward equipment, and some are still using single-piece stamping equipment, and even the level of machinery manufacturing industry 2.0 not reached, what about industry 4.0?

        "For this part of the business, we can not simply as 'backward production capacity' eliminated, but the opportunity to give their transition and help them identify the position in the industry chain, to provide spare parts or services to large enterprises supporting manner, At the same time, this part of the industrial enterprises should do a good job of making up 2.0, self-upgrade, that is, both in transition, but also to upgrade. "Portland stone monk said electric kitchen and other emerging industries, the birth of late, rapid development such as range hood industry has become the representative of the highest international level, share of domestic high-end market for more than 90 per cent. The industry leader already has intelligent devices in the management and service, but also quite the level of modernization of these industries, the emphasis is on getting industry 3.0 popularity of talk about 4.0 forward.

        Intelligence is a systematic project, including equipment, management, personnel, marketing, and a series of comprehensive strength improvement, not across the board, not an event, companies have to go step by step according to their own situation, new industries starting point, rapid development, intelligent You can go ahead on technology, so that by the intelligent key enterprises, and gradually promote the upgrading of other enterprises, and ultimately to achieve a comprehensive upgrade hardware industry.

        Solve Problems

        Hardware industry range, and more products, development of traditional industries and emerging polarization serious, especially traditional industries in the processing equipment, manufacturing capacity, mold and industrial design applications, etc., there is a gap, the industry is still in the kinds of industry value chain low-end, urgent need to upgrade.

        How to overcome difficulties, padded short board, to solve problems? Portland stone monk believes that the manufacturing capacity and have excellent quality, but because there is no brand, has long been engaged OEM, still in the bottom of the industry value chain, enterprises, enhance the comprehensive ability to boot , change from passive to active, efforts to achieve domestic and international market and try and balanced development. For example, open the door of the high-end market and do OEM, this approach is never far away do not strong.

        Do the domestic high-end market, the first to make a brand, enhance brand awareness and influence, which requires enterprises must strengthen the brand promotion and publicity, enhance brand awareness in the minds of consumers and the reputation, which heart sank need to get down to do step by step slowly, will have the effect, will lay the foundation to create a century-old brand.

        Facts have proved that large and the business model is not suitable for the characteristics of the hardware industry, the metal industry should establish a sound and smooth industrial chain, so that enterprises pinpoint their position in the industry chain, large enterprises to provide brand, core technology, design and marketing channels, small and medium enterprises to provide quality parts, service, and through a lean market each individual link to the frame through a strong industrial chain.

        Future hardware key enterprises to expand the brand to enhance the value and customer service center. SMEs should be willing to do a good job doing fine single product, and use it as advantage, to ensure its own position in the industrial chain unshakable. Which requires continuous business development, innovation, improve equipment management level, improve quality, improve processes, and ultimately through their own to enhance the drive to upgrade the industrial chain.

        "Internationally, specializing in parts of the few well-known companies, Hettich, Blum and other hardware accessories are designed to do a century brand, represents the top international level, we have to identify the direction and business advantages, step by step intelligent manufacturing, intelligent management, intelligent services, and companies to do fine, so specialized, and stronger. "stone blue monk stressed.

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